Still learning

I’m finding even at this stage in life, you’re never too old to learn or to be reminded of human nature.

I’m not rich. Not powerful in terms of those who believe they are powerful.

However, I believe in trust and I always try to keep my word.

When someone breaks my trust, it’s hard for me to respect them. Yet, I find that I must learn how to give the appearance of trust, without having any.

I hate liars and deception. Today was a day of dealing with the consequences of a deception. Not one of my doing, but one I unwittingly became involved in. In someone believing my actions which went against their wishes was on purpose.

I hate being put in such a position but that’s what took place. I took my ass chewing today. While I had to accept I was dupped into believing what I took part in was authorized by those higher up the chain.

I will no longer blindly trust what this person tells me is truthful. I will always question their motives.

However, tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I won’t accept other’s shit if they try to dump on me. I will tell them who they need to bitch to.

And I will move on. Hopefully, a bit more wiser than today.

The connected world

Tonight I was reminded how technology can be used for good and change our lives for the better.

Tonight as I was driving home, my elderly mom called me to say she was too hot in the house. Trying to teach her new technology like the Nest thermostat, is not easy. If it’s set to AC or heat modes, she’s fine. But switching from one mode to another, or dealing with it in dual heat/AC mode like I have tonight… I’m out of luck.

My Nest app said my thermostat was offline. Normally I would be screwed until I got home. I have a Linksys router that I can control with a provided app.


Here I can see what devices are connected in my home. There’s another app that let’s me do things such as controlling when devices have access to the Internet for instance. I wish it was integrated in the main app.


There are times I think about changing this router but the ability to reboot it from the phone is very handy. After a few minutes it’s back and I can then control the thermostat.


Isn’t modern tech wonderful?

Apple Photostream

There is one area where Apple is stingy and gouging users. Their iCloud photo streaming.

If you have multiple devices I guess it’s good because all of your photos are on all your Apple devices. If you have multiple devices and wish to have everything everywhere then their stingy 5GB free storage will not be enough.

Turn off photo sharing in iCloud, then go to Dropbox for your photo backups. What’s great is instead of 5GB I have 50GB of free storage.

Since I don’t own a Mac or have an iPad, this works out well. I get access to my photos on my Android tablet as well as my PC.

Another option is for people who use Google Plus. You can turn on camera backups in the app. However, I like Dropbox for the fact I don’t have to worry about accidentally sharing something I didn’t want to.

This way your free 5GB will allow you to keep system backups and your iCloud email storage pretty much hassle free. If your iCloud storage is full those features stop working as well.