Apple Photostream

There is one area where Apple is stingy and gouging users. Their iCloud photo streaming.

If you have multiple devices I guess it’s good because all of your photos are on all your Apple devices. If you have multiple devices and wish to have everything everywhere then their stingy 5GB free storage will not be enough.

Turn off photo sharing in iCloud, then go to Dropbox for your photo backups. What’s great is instead of 5GB I have 50GB of free storage.

Since I don’t own a Mac or have an iPad, this works out well. I get access to my photos on my Android tablet as well as my PC.

Another option is for people who use Google Plus. You can turn on camera backups in the app. However, I like Dropbox for the fact I don’t have to worry about accidentally sharing something I didn’t want to.

This way your free 5GB will allow you to keep system backups and your iCloud email storage pretty much hassle free. If your iCloud storage is full those features stop working as well.

Windows Phones

I have been either an iPhone or Android phone user for years.

Are any of my readers a Windows Phone user who has had experience with the other platforms?

What do you like or dislike with a Windows OS phone?

Would you leave the OS for one of the others or are you sold on the platform?


So far I’ve learned…

So far I’ve learned that I need to do something I have been putting off: set up a vacation account.

Along with a Christmas fund. For too long I’ve depended on Credit cards to do almost everything. However, what sucks is you’re paying for that fun time long after it’s over.

It’s more fun when you’re not in debt long after the fun is over.

Now realizing what I need to do and executing… that hopefully won’t be easier said than done. 😀

Just thought I would share if you’re like me: tired of debt!

My Top 8 Essential Apps for Amazing Instagram Pictures

Originally posted on My Girls On Tour:

When I started my blog I also started my Instagram Account @abigirlx, which enabled me to post and share with my followers my adventures, looks and shenanigans in a more visual and immediate way. I felt it was important to try to uphold the high standard set by other fashion bloggers and beauty belles and to try and share beautiful pictures. But how to do this when I am taking photos with my I-Phone in a darkened room? And then my when I switch to my front camera to take a selfie my face is there like…


So here are some some of the Apps which I use to digitally enhance selfies, pics and make them more radiant and “Instagram” worthy, but they can be used for blogs too!

Number 1. Perfect 365 (Free)

Hands down the best App I have ever used. This is an absolute God send for…

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