Sorry. #McConnelling won’t save your campaign

Our buddy Mitchy’s campaign put out a video of just him with no words.  People have been taking to putting his video into all kinds of places and trying all kinds of music in what is now called #McConnelling.  Hopefully, this won’t help his campaign and he will be put out to pasture where he belongs.  Several of these are pretty funny, however.  Check them out.

Dell XPS 435 MT Power Supply Replacement

I recently started having problems with my Dell XPS 435MT desktop system.  The power supply was going bad.  When you went to press the power button nothing would happen except for a brief flicker of light on the button, then you would hear the fan for half a second.
From doing some reading online, I found other folks with the same computer and issue.  One solution was to pull the BIOS battery out and then hold the power button down while plugging power cord in the back. That worked except the BIOS now had no date and time.  Plus if power went out on the machine, you had to go through the same crap all over again.
With the mess I have been going through with my skin the past few months, I really did not feel like having to do a lot of research to find a power supply that would fit my tower without having to modify everything. I had a very disappointing experience with a computer store in Suffolk, VA, Express PC Solutions.  Several times I would speak with a sales rep.  I was promised someone would find a power supply and get me a quote.  Each time they never followed through.  So if you are looking for a computer store and live in downtown Suffolk, VA, I would say drive to Chesapeake or Norfolk instead of dealing with these folks.
After trying a power supply from Best Buy, which would not fit the tower. I decided to do some more looking on the Internet.  I found several people who had this issue recommending power supplies.  Almost all of them were no longer available except for a Corsair CX600M 600 watt power supply. Almost everywhere I checked online was out of stock.  I found a place called I was a little leery at first because of several negative reviews of this company, however, a saw a lot of good reviews.  Since this was the only company I found that had what I wanted in stock, I figured I’d take the chance.  They exceeded my expectations.  Got this baby 3 days later and I’m very happy with the unit.  The one thing I like is how quiet it is.  I was concerned with the fan being at the bottom of the power supply instead of the back, however, that works pretty well.  It blows down to the CPU fan that blows out to another fan on the back of the tower.  So far no heat issues.  This power supply also uses modular cables. You only have to plug into the power supply the cables that you need.  The graphics card I use in the PCI-Express slot doesn’t need additional power from the power supply, which means one less cable to have in a cramped space.
When I plugged in the power for the new supply, I was concerned at first because the fan was making a loud noise.  I don’t know if a cable was touching it or if it was just because it started up for the first time. After about 5 to 10 seconds the noise went away and I haven’t heard anything since.
This was the first time I have ever changed out a power supply in a computer.  I was a little nervous.  I was reading where some people are saying you need to cut wires, or re-wire connectors to work.  None of that was necessary in this installation.  Just plug in and go.  Didn’t take very long either, 30 minutes top to swap out units.
If you have a Dell XPS 435 MT computer and are having the problems I was having with the power supply, then check out the Corsair unit.  I think you will be surprised.  Not only that, you will get 600 Watts instead of a little over 300 with the standard power supply.  Check out the following pictures.
Too bad Dell puts crap power supplies into their computers, but I know they are cutting corners for the bottom line.  Got a better power supply, saved money not dealing with a computer store or purchasing a new computer, and have the satisfaction of a job well done by my own hands.

Packaging for the Corsair CX600M

Back of my Dell XPS 435 MT system showing the original power supply

Inside with the original power supply top left corner

Old power supply removed, Two CD-ROMs (1 rewrite drive), and 650GB hard drive SATA cables

The new “heart” getting ready to go inside

Perfect fit. Thank God!

Testing out system before securing all the cables.

Everything cleaned up as best as I could.  They supplied wire-ties that came in handy for this job.
Notice the fan firing down from the new power supply instead of out the back. Believe this is
one reason the new unit is so quiet.  I hardly hear the computer now.

Almost there!

Everything back together and operational. Patient is doing well with new “heart” :)