Something I have to get used to

I had my eye checkup today. Everything went ok. Change in prescription, found out astigmatism in my left eye is worse than the right.

Doctor said welcome to middle age, get reading glasses. If I’m wearing contacts I’m probably going to have to start using them for reading. If I wanted glasses I would have to decide if I wanted bifocals or not. Without, I would probably have to remove the glasses for reading.

In my mind I don’t feel that I am in my mid flurries. My body, however, seems to be doing its best to remind me I am.

Aging isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

CDC what a joke!

I was seeing a story a friend shared on Facebook.

The story states the second nurse who is infected with Ebola had a fever before getting on plane according to CBS.

The nurse was contacting CDC several times. Her temperature was 99.5. However, because the CDC idiot checking a chart saying temp higher than 100.4 is a concern, they authorized her to get on the plane.

Again! Where is the DAMN COMMON SENSE??????

Does anyone in this administration know what the hell they are doing?

Why were these health workers not put under watch after interacting with the patient? Why was one allowed to take a flight out of the area when one was already sick?

No common sense! Typical idiots with book smarts but no common sense!

Here’s the link:

CBS reporting Nurse had fever before getting on plane

Where is common sense?

We have an illness that’s attacking our young and it’s interesting it started not long after illegal children from Central America are deposited in various states around the country.

Diseases that had pretty much been eradicated are starting to come back and the children have no immunity for them.

For months we have seen horror stories about Ebola and now that cases are now appearing here I’ve come to the conclusion that we lack people in positions of authority with common sense. For months we hear horror stories but now we are instructed to remain calm. We are instructed that everything is under control and that the health officials will have everything under control. Rubbish.

Just let people from countries where this virus is rampant waltz right in and keep telling us oh we can’t stop travel into the country. It won’t do any good. Rubbish. The problem is how many are already here and we don’t know about them and their medical condition.

I don’t think the jokers running the CDC know what to do.

God help us!

Yes! Another pound gone!

Mondays aren’t my favorite day of the week but this one is a nice one. I have a day off from work and the scales show another pound of fat gone. I’ve dropped as of this morning 39 pounds of fat! I’m almost to where my weight was a little over 20 years ago.

I’m sad that it took almost being diabetic to make changes but I’m glad I’m getting in a better position for my health. I do a lot of walking and I’m looking to join a gym hopefully, this month.

Woo Hoo!!! 😊

Swiftkey on iOS 8

I loved this keyboard on Android. Swype made things so easy. Nice I don’t have to give it up.


Only thing missing is the microphone if I want to do voice to text. Thankfully, it’s not that often and I can quickly switch between keyboards to get to it.