Here we go again

Went to Priority Hyundai first thing this morning. I am still having the electrical issue with the Veloster. I think it helped a lot that I recorded video of what the car was doing. However, it won’t act up for the techs at the service department.

So after an hour and a half of waiting, thankfully I had my tablet for reading, they announced they would put me in a loaner. It’s going to take longer to trace the problem. My fingers are crossed that the tech is correct in having an idea where my problem is.

Unfortunately, they had no loaners available so they are paying for a rental again. I actually like this car better than mine.


It’s a 2014 Sentra. More pickup and acceleration.

So here’s to praying they find the problem and I can get this behind me. I regret getting this automobile. I wished I had stayed with a newer Sonata instead. However, ink is dried on the contract and I’ve made a years worth of car payments.

Monday may hold good news. I was frustrated somewhat this afternoon. I wanted to get some Velcro strips to hold my EZ Pass electronic toll box on the windshield of the rental. DMV was already closed by time I got out. So I went to the closest Radio Shack store. They were sold old. Went to another one, same story. Ended up going to the store at Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach. They had what I needed. Also picked up a real cheap Bluetooth headset for use while driving. I was annoyed that the rental clerk did not get me a car with Bluetooth as I had asked. I don’t like holding the phone to talk while driving. I fact, I think it’s the law now here in Virginia. I need to check that.

The Weekend Goes Too fast!

There should be an extra day between Sunday and Monday.  Here it is Saturday at 11 a.m. and it will be bedtime before I know it.
Yesterday as I was driving home from work I was thinking about several posts I saw friends make on Facebook about Summer trips and vacations.  Which ticked me off!  Not at them but at my employer. Every Summer I am blocked with two others from taking time off for the Summer.  It’s important that I collect money for them…  Doesn’t make it easier when you see everyone else in the office take off as much time as they want.  In fact, after 7 years I’m sick of it.
Presently, we are going through annual reviews for job performance.  On the boxes where I can comment I believe this year I’m going to put in writing my displeasure for being singled out for a stupid policy that does nothing to make me feel good about my employer.  Who wants to take a week off in the Winter if you can’t afford to go somewhere warm?

I feel I can do anything!


I’ve now lost 26 lbs since February!!!! I’m feeling so much better and now I feel I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to!!!!

If you are unhappy with your weight you can get the weight off. Start with your attitude and just start making changes. Don’t try to change everything at once. Start with one habit and as you master one, add another to it.

Also, don’t get on the scales everyday. That will frustrate you!