How long Mr. President?

Its nice the President took time to address the nation. Shouldn’t it have been done sooner?

I hear a good game that BP is going to be held responsible. I hear talk of sticking foots in backsides and other great language.

However, its now almost two months after the explosion and oil is coming on shore and people’s lives are being destroyed. Now he talks to the nation. Has he talked to the BP yet?

Do I hold the president responsible for the spill? Of course not. However, when I hear about the offers of assistance from countries that have equipment and experience in handling a disaster like this and the administration says no, what am I suppose to think?

How about putting all resources to work to stop the spill? How about accepting any and all help from our friends to protect our shorelines and wildlife?

All I hear is cap and trade (tax) & lawsuits. Does our President want to milk this disaster for all its worth to advance more taxes on the American people?

I’m beginning to wonder what the priorities are of this administration.

Maybe the next president will be someone who can lead instead of a day dreamer. He says he won’t tolerate inaction. How about the Federal inaction? How about turning down help and tying hands of local officials in starting to deal with the spill?

If that’s not tolerating inaction I don’t know what is.

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